The Simonellis

The Simonellis
left to right: Jim (son), Bob (dad), Doris (mom), Bob James (son)


Bob James Simonelli

Bob James Simonelli, son of Bob Simonelli

Band, c. 1960

Left to right: Jerry Brouly (drums), Bob Earnst (piano, guitar), Bob Simonelli (sax, accordion), Ronnie Earnst (sax, vibes)
c. 1960

Tony Agbay

Tony Agbay

Bob Isernio's band

Bob Isernio's band, 1974
Bob James Simonelli on bass guitar

March 24, 1963

Left to right: Bobby Gould (drums), Bob Simonelli (sax), Dick Gay (piano)
March 24, 1963

Stars Fell on Alabama

Manuscript for "Stars Fell on Alabama"
written by Bob Simonelli for Boots Mussulli


Manuscript for "Jeanie"
written by Bob Simonelli for the Fred Hall Big Band


Tony Agbay's Orchestra

Tony Agbay's Orchestra, saxes & bass
February 1948

Tony Agbay Orchestra

Tony Agbay Orchestra, April 1947
Left to right, front row: Helen Young, George Marcus, Fred Holovnia, Bob Simonelli, Bob Earnst (guitar). Jim Butler (piano), Tony Agbay (band leader). Unknown trumpet player, unknown trumpet player, Lenny Smith (drums).

Out at home

Out at home, 1979
Left to right: Jim Kelly (guitar), Dick Odgren (piano), Jim Odgren (sax), Bob James Simonelli (bass), Bobby Tamagni (drums)

Simonelli & Mitchitelli

Bob Simonelli (piano) & Vinnie Mitchitelli (sax, clarinet, vocals)


Bob Isernio's band

Bob Isernio's band, 1974
left to right: Bob Simonelli (tenor), Vinnie Mitchelli (alto)

A Simonelli patent

A Simonelli patent for a cyclical load testing machine
Awarded in 1999 to Bob & his sons, James Simonelli and Robert James Simonelli