Documenting the career of Jaki Byard will always be an abiding priority for the JHDb. Here’s a quick overview of what’s been added to the site for Byard’s centennial in 2022:




Join us on for the From the Lab Zoom session on June 16, 2022 for an exclusive, first-time listen to
25-year-old Jaki Byard’s earliest known recording. The session will be highlighted by narration from the recordist, others on the scene, and other Jaki Byard enthusiasts and researchers.
As always, this 3pm From the Lab session is open to all listeners!

Click here to join into our proceedings any Thursday afternoon—including the week before that, June 9, which will also feature choice exclusive Jaki Byard content.



Also brand new in JHDb is the original tape of the project Jaki Byard’s Boston from the Boston Jazz week of May 1974. In addition to sampling on the above Lab sessions, those sounds will shortly be playable from

Stay tuned!