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Roscoe "Rocky" Blunt - Recordings

The Rocky Blunt All-Stars: 1948-1949

Recording of the first racially integrated jazz ensemble in Central MA

The Rocky Blunt All-Stars


Solo on Bb Blues

Another solo on Bb Blues

Solo on Bean Stocking

Solo on C Jam blues

Solo on a Duke Ellington Medley

Solo on High on an Open Mike

Solo on I Surrender Dear

Solo on Indiana

Solo on Robin's Nest

Solo on Stuffy

Solo on 9:20 Special

Solo on Body and Soul

Solo on Caledonia

Solo on Flying Home

Another solo on I Surrender Dear

Solo on Nels Bop

Solo on September in the Rain

Solo on Sorrell's Blues

Another solo on Sorrell's Blues

Solo on St. Louis Blues

Another solo on St. Louis Blues

Rocky Blunt: 1988

Rocky's custom drum head


Drum solo

Rocky Blunt: 1992

at Clark University

Educational Clinic


Performance at Jazz Fest 1992