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The Rocky Blunt All-Stars: 1948-1949

Recording of the first racially integrated jazz ensemble in Central MA

The Rocky Blunt All-Stars


Solo on Bb Blues Another solo on Bb Blues Solo on Bean Stocking Solo on C Jam Blues Solo on a Duke Ellington Medley Solo on High on an Open Mike Solo on I Surrender Dear Solo on Indiana Solo on Robin's Nest Solo on Stuffy Solo on 9:20 Special Solo on Body and Soul Solo on Caledonia Solo on Flying Home Another solo on I Surrender Dear Solo on Nels Bop Solo on September in the Rain Solo on Sorrell's Blues Solo on St. Louis Blues

Rocky Blunt: 1988

Rocky's custom drum head


Drum solo

Rocky Blunt: 1992

at Clark University

Educational Clinic


Performance at Jazz Fest 1992