Printers Building

From the Catalogue for Philanthropy: (link will open in new window)

"WICN (90.5 FM) began in 1969 as a joint venture of two Worcester colleges; 35 years later they are an NPR affiliate, accredited by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Beyond providing excellent NPR public affairs programming, WICN has carved out a distinctive niche as the "Voice of the Arts" in central New England—“promoting and preserving the best in music with a strong focus on jazz”. Webcasting has expanded their range worldwide. They have over 2,000 members, and their membership renewal rate is 80% (NPR average is 50%); their audience has grown by 50% in the last two years. Growth, and a dilapidated old space, has forced them to move—to an ideal site, the historic Printers Building at the gateway to Worcester’s new Arts District. Their space will double, the recordings library will triple, and they can host small performances and special events. The building is solid concrete, designed to withstand printing press vibrations and perfect for soundproof wireless broadcasting. To finance the move, WICN has launched a $1 million capital campaign, of which $720,000 has already been raised. Their 40,000 weekly listeners can thank the 2,000 donors that provide 35%—the largest single-source portion—of their operating budget, by joining now in this pivotal capital campaign. If you listen to WICN, consider yourself personally invited."