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Kitty Kat

In 1969, Bunny Price (bass) was able to purchase his own establishment with two co-owners, Reggie Walley (drummer) and Dr. Goldbury. They called their new club the Kitty Kat, which was located on Main Street in Worcester, MA and featured music several nights a week with the highlight being the Sunday afternoon jazz jam sessions. Bunny moved his Peacock Club ensemble to the Kitty Kat as the house band and performed there each Friday and Saturday night with Al Arseneault-organ, Reggie Walley-drums, and Larry Monroe-alto sax.

The 1969-74 Sunday jam sessions had a house band consisting of Bill Myers-trumpet, Al Meuller-piano, Bobby Gould-drums and Bunny Price-bass. This was an extremely popular venue for jazz musicians of all ages to interact and hone their craft. It was a great loss to the Central MA jazz community when the Kitty Kat closed its doors in 1974.

It took Bunny Price and Reggie Walley almost two years to find a suitable location for a new club after closing the Kitty Kat, but in 1976 he purchased the Hottentott on Austin Street in Worcester. Sunday jazz jam sessions there were from 3:00-7:00 p.m. and lasted until 1984 when the club closed.