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For nearly a century there has been many a venue to play host to jazz sessions throughout Worcester-- from the Saxtrum Club to the Kitty Kat Lounge, the Hungry Eye to the Hottentotte, Amberly Crossing to Circe's, the Worcester Artist Group to Sakura Tokyo, from Gilrein's to the Java Hut--not to mention the many jam sessions held in basements, living rooms, garages, and empty warehouses throughout the city. Below are notes on just a few...

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Worcester Jazz Venues Map

Worcester Jazz Venues Map  1933

1 Original Saxtrum Club | 2 Nile Lounge | 3 Chicken Coop | 4 Valhalla | 5 Kitty Kat | 6 Warren Hotel | 7
Plymouth Theathre | 8 Eden Garden | 9 Hottentotte | 10 AME Zion Church