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   While graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a master's degree in Music Education and also being alumni from the University of North Texas he had the privilege to study under such names as Jeff Coffin (Dave Mathew's and Bella Fleck's saxophonist), Gregg Abate (Ray Charles's saxophonist), Dan Hearle (the piano player who recorded on several Jamie Abersol cd's) and Mark Earley (Roomful of Blues's saxophonist) to name a few. His professional career contains a wide variety of accolades. He has been published through such educational institutions as Mel Bay "Jazz Flute," Consortium Publishing, "A Rhythm Primer," and a self-published book entitled "Jazz For the High School Band." Besides these books, he has written some very important articles published through Classical forums. Com. Several Youtube videos on music education (How to Play the Saxophone/Clarinet) on Expert Village. Com. His jazz career was documented in the Rhode Island Jazz Encyclopedia (book 2) coming out in 2016. He can be seen on the PBS television show "Arthur, " alongside of Yo Yo Ma and Joshua Redman. And several cable television shows which includes a performance alongside of Professor Joseph Parillo. And he has created the music for a few commercials for the state of Rhode Island (one winning an award). Also, he has performed with the orchestra set up for the movie "Madeline on the Park Bench," which was by the same producer as Whiplash (2014), Damian Chazelle. He may be heard in the animated movie "The Little Girl," by Steve Subotnic (professor at RISD) -(2016). Some performances include: The Newport Jazz Festival (1981), the Kool Jazz Festival (1982), Rhine Born Blues Festival (1999), Rick Mendes and Blues Wagon, Shoshana Feinstein (recorded with), The Frank Sinatra (ghost) band, and presently in bands such as the "Mark Cipriano and the Good News Rhythm and Blues band" and the Megan Guilbert Band. He has also recorded with Dino Gavoni (professor at Berklee School of Music), Mark Earley (Roomful of Blues saxophonist), Dave Zinno, Mark Vadnais, Dennis (Rusty) Hughes, Nat Piccerelli, Dennis Pratt, and Professor Lloyd Kaplan on his compact disc entitled "Mitch's Brew." He has over 25 years of teaching experience. Amongst his career as a professional educator he was the band director for 2 years at St. Brendan and has taught privately through many studios and at home. He has also served on the board of MENC and NAJE. He has served as an adjudicator for All State for the past 16 years. He has served as an educator and Conn/Selmer representative from 1999 to 2005. Now, as of 2015 he is a Cannonball Saxophone representative. For his books, he has interviewed such professional musicians as Herbie Mann, James Moody, James Carter, Dave Valentin and Randy Brecker (of the Brecker Bothers), to name a few.