Show #1 From Studio 3 - Emil Haddad, Dick Odgren 12/12/93  
  The area's most popular jazz act since 1982 features the incomparable trumpet and flugelhorn playing of elder statesman Emil Haddad, a Worcester native who played in the big bands of New York in the 1940's. Emil also sings in his own inimitable style. Pianist Dick Odgren, who grew up in Auburn, Massachusetts, where he still lives, taught at Berklee College of Music for twelve years and has recorded with Mike Metheny on Impulse. Dick and Emil have an unmatched sound and synergy.

  23 Emil Haddad, Dick Odgren 9/12/96  
  Worcester legend Emil Haddad on flugelhorn, trumpet and vocals and pianist Dick Odgren have been a team since the early 80's. It seemed only fitting that the Studio 3's original "guinea pigs" should be invited back to help kick off the second season. Once again, the amazing communication between these two accomplished musicians is breathtaking.  
  82 Emil Haddad, Dick Ogren Jazz at Sunset Part I 10/24/97  
  83 Emil Haddad, Dick Ogren Jazz at Sunset Part II 10/29/97