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Ed Williams 1921 - 2011

Ed was born and raised in the Detroit area where he had an early interest in both jazz and technology. He received his Engineering degree from the University of Detroit. During World War II, He served in the United States Navy in the Radar program at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institution of Technology.

Ed retired from Raytheon Co. in Wayland and Lexington after over 30 years of employment, mostly with radar engineering and later as Director of Management Development.

After retirement, with a keen interest in recording technology and a love of jazz music, Ed began recording live music concerts in 1982 and later founded Rockwood Recording. He continued recording for 29 years, accruing more than 2,000 on-site jazz recordings which were produced using breakthrough technologies that he developed. He was also responsible for the music, both recorded and live at The Mall at Chestnut Hill, the premier mall in the Boston area. Although Ed primarily focused his recording skills on New England based artists, he was able to capture live performances by internationally acclaimed jazz artists including Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Strickland, Dave McKenna and Lee Childs.