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Hide and Seek, by Jean Lozoraitis

Hide and Seek

Jean Lozoraitis

I had it,
then I lost it..
this perfect image describing
The Polarities of Life
so gently,
it felt like
Madonna and child.
Was it the activity of the seeds and buds
in winter? Or the
already bittersweet voice
of my child?
It started to sink
into my soul..
You know,
the first level of solitude -then the
toaster pops or
the phone rings.. and you
scramble and claw
to taste that sacredness
once again, like an
Exotic Fruit
that you can't get enough of..
I should have filed it
under 'Inspirations
For Later', but it's
dreamlike quality
vanished in an instant..
Now I must find
that one soulpicture
which will carry me
through the day
-where things break
And bend, tempers flare and
Responsibility, the
Strict school master,
makes sure
Your feet are on the floor and
No heads in the clouds,
this will not be allowed..so my
Perfect Image
Goes wandering.

With vigilance,
I search for her. 1/18/11 jlozoraitis

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