Jerry Wilfong is an active Boston area freelance bassist. Jerry studied in the early seventies at Berklee College of Music, and later with bassist Joe Holovnia. He has attended master’s classes by bassists John Clayton and Harvie S.

Jerry performs regularly around New England in a variety of styles with many jazz ensembles, including groups led by Paul Broadnax, Mark Jodice, Stan Strickland, Garrison Fewell, Steve Soares, Rich Falco, Ferdinando Argenti, Jane Miller, Maggie Galloway, Monica Hatch, and Jim Porcella. He is recorded on CD’s by Sai Ghose, Matt Richard, Phill Argyris, Steven Kirby, John Wilkins, and Chris Taylor, and has toured Russia, Romania, and France. Jerry has performed with distinguished jazz artists Leni Stern, John Stowell, Richie Cole, Joe Hunt, Greg Abate, Gray Sargent, and Jon Wheatley.

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Studio 3 Television series featuring Jerry Wilfong on Bass.


New Blood

Song Featured:Cinq-ro-mesh

Year: 2005

Musicians Featured:
  • Jerry Wilfong - Bass
  • Mark Jodice - Guitar
  • Sai Ghose - Piano
  • Craig Fahey - Drums

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