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Interview with Prof. Rich Falco, WPI
February 22, 2011

Rick Stepton

Rick Stepton

Rick Stepton

Rick Stepton

Rick Stepton


Prevalence of Music in His Life

Money & The Music Industry

On His Grandfather

On His Father

On Prejudice

His Father's Performance

Family & Music

High School Years

On American Youth

Embracing Art

Aspect of the Individual

On Big Bands and Religion

The Inside on Arrangers

Composing Dynamic with Buddy Rich

Woody Herman's Molding Dynamic

On Compromising His Style of Play

On the Importance of Humiliation and Fear

More on Zen

On Bladder Cancer

What is Music?

A Brief Summary of His Career

A Trip to Canada

On Buddy Rich

Substance Abuse

1992: Second Marriage & Disaster

Length of Injury

The Buddy Rich Experience

On His Favorite Tours


His Favorite Group Size

His Horn


Interview with Chet Williamson
February 17, 2010

Rick Stepton

Career in Jazz

Life in New York

Current Projects

The Friendly Politics of Music

Playing With His Group

"Stiff Upper Lip"

The Big Break